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With Paragan horsebox the journey matters more than the goal

We are aware of a fact that the horse transport might be very demanding. Even our champion, No Time To Lose, travels for racing. And he is quite uncomfortable posing in front of photographers shooting him on April 7th, 2018 at the festive event Horses at Žofín…

In Paragan we know that the traveling with horses might be demanding. Therefore, we are thinking of you, a driver and other passengers including your pets.

As we have already announced, we released our brand-new CC collection of the horseboxes up to 3.5t for two horses, being set out from the best sold models 2017.

From the CC, let us introduce you fully equipped Excelsion 5 with the Panic system, which allows to lead the horse out in case of emergency. The horsebox of Beige effect color is built on the Renault Master platform. There are added side window on the left side of superstructure, round rear LEDs, a sliding window with bars between driver cabin and horse area, a sliding travel partition, a foldable solid head partition, saddle and bridle holders, feeding buckets, a tow bar (2,5t), a camera system, a navigation and leather seat upholstering. More details about the product please find here.

In models Excelsion 5 (5XL) and Pegasus 5 (5XL), which are for up to 5 passengers, we offer cozy relax. Rear seats might be upfolded into two beds, where 2 persons might comfortably rest. Additionally, there is a space in specially adapted luton above the cabin where two persons might sleep. The horsebox provides you with storage area for your luggage under the bench being accessed from the cabin and outside. Here you can seat your pet who accompanies you at your journeys.