Grand Prestige Design & Quality

Grand Prestige is the very first modern horsebox built on a MAN chassis. It has a unique and sophisticated design. The Sport character of the model outstands thanks to dynamic headlights and black painted spoiler. The rear part of the vehicle is dominated by a distinct edge that follows the elongated original MAN LED lights on both sides. This design feature along with the black painted upper spoiler make GRAND PRESTIGE a highly visible competitor.

When driving the GRAND PRESTIGE, you will experience the utmost comfort. Changing gear is thanks to the automatic gearbox DSG much more comfortable and smoother. The driving experience is comparable to a bigger Volkswagen SUV. The horsebox offers two separate cameras which ensure a safe view of the situation behind you during the ride.

Practically speaking, GRAND PRESTIGE will be an ideal companion for rides that take more days. The sleeping part is completely separated from the cabin and ventilation is secured by a big roof hatch. The size of the sleeping area can be compared to a standard double bed and thanks to a comfortable PUR foam mattress, it offers a perfect solution for your relaxation.

Up to five people can be comfortably seated in the cabin. The bench was considerably enlarged and can provide a better sleeping area for one person. The backrest is ergonomically shaped and thus provides unbeatable comfort with support for your back when travelling long distances.

Technická data Grand Prestige Základní charakteristika přepravníku

Motor:2.0 TDI CR 130 kW/176 HP
Řidičské oprávnění:sk. C
Objem nádrže:75 l
Přepravní kapacita:*1 000 kg
Max. počet osob:5
Max. počet koní:2
Max. hmotnost přívěsu:2 500 kg
Celková délka:6 870 mm
Celková výška:3 070 mm
Celková šířka:2 160 mm

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