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Paragan Models Paragan Service Warranty & Post-Warranty

Be sure of brand service.
Warranty and post-warranty service. Spare parts.
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Service Conctact People you can rely on

Karel Jančík
Service manager – order intake, claims
mobile phone: +420 777 322 093

Lucie Švehlová
Repairs Export

phone: +420 581 698 714

Service Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday  7.00 am – 3.30 pm Technicians
Monday – Friday  7.00 am – 3.30 pm Repairs handling / Aftermarket

Repairs handling available by 7.00 pm based on the agreement at:
+ 420 777 322 093
phone: +420 581 698 714
fax: +420 581 698 714


Service For a quiet ride

Below please find the list of service activities you might require:

  • Warranty and post-warranty Paragan service of superstructures
  • Repairs and production of side walls
  • Repairs of AL-KO, KNOTT, WABCO, EBS and ABS brakes
  • Diagnostics of WABCO brake system
  • Diagnostics of axle adjustment
  • Applied and non applied AL-KO, KNOTT, BPW
  • Electro installation repairs
  • Repairs after accidents
  • Repairs of mechanical damages
  • Guarantee inspections

Superstructure repairs Do you need to repair your horsebox?

For urgent repairs at customer’s our qualified technician team with a service van is ready to solve repairs as follows immediately:

  • Warranty and post-warranty service of Paragan horseboxes
  • Repairs of another brands horseboxes
  • Repairs and production of side walls
  • Repairs resulted from accidents
  • Repairs of mechanical damages
  • Inspections and repairs of BÄR, ZEPRO and DHOLLANDIA hydraulic lifts
  • Repairs of independent heating
  • Spoiler and PONY sleeping cabins’ repairs
  • Assembly and repairs of tow bar
  • Painting

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