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Online warranty card form
You will receive a validated warranty card within two working days.

    Warranty Conditions

    The end user fills out the warranty card electronically, it is then delivered via e-mail to PARAGAN Ltd., where it is validated and returned to the customer's home address within two business days. Within a few minutes after filling out the online warranty card, the customer will receive a copy of the card in the form of a PDF file at his email address.

    For service inspection and warranty claims, it is necessary to provide a correctly filled out warranty card (a part of the Operating Manual).

    The product warranty is not recognized if the warranty terms and conditions specified in the product Operating Manual are not met.

    DECLARATION: The online warranty card form is not readable by a third party, is not stored in an online public database and is only delivered to PARAGAN Ltd. and the customer’s e-mail address.

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